Sealife Global have opened bookings to phase 1

Sealife Global have opened bookings to phase 1 1000 housing units that are been developed in Hulhumale’ N3 area. More than 1500 forms have been issued so far since the bookings opened on 25th June.

According to Sealife Global Managing Director Ahmed Moosa ‘We have temporarily closed the issuance of forms as 1500 forms have been issued in 2 days, forms will be issued later depending on the number of people who submit the form and pay for the booking fee. First 1000 to pay the booking fee will be able to secure the booking, if not we will open issuing forms again’.

For more information, please contact the booking hotline: 9195002, 9195003, 9195006 and 9195007 or contact though Facebook page : Sea Life Global Inc. pvt Ltd – booking office.